New and Used Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes are large, heavy-duty, multi-wall corrugated containers that sit on top of a pallet. They are also known as bulk boxes, corrugated totes, pallet boxes, shipping containers, resin boxes, and octabins. Depending on the wall thickness, these totes can be stacked two to four high in a warehouse. This maximizes space in trailers and in the warehouse. Gaylord boxes come in various sizes and strengths. We carry everything from double wall totes to 6 ply totes. Sizes range from 28 inches tall to 51 inches tall. They are neatly stacked and banded and can be put on skids if requested. In order to better serve our customers we have warehouses strategically placed throughout the continental United States and parts of Canada. We use freight brokers from all over the country to keep your freight cost as low as possible.

Double Wall, Triple Wall, 5 Wall, Produce Boxes, Resin Boxes, HPT 41’s, Slip Sheet Bottom Boxes, and Full Bottoms Boxes.

New and Used Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags, also know as a Super Sack, are large polypropylene woven bags that can be used to ship almost any kind of material. These bags come in a variety of sizes, strengths, spouts, and other options. These bags have many advantages over other shipping containers including reduced storage space, reduced shipping costs, and spout flow control. Call today with your size and specs to get a free quote and sample.

Slip Sheets

Corrugated sheets used as pallet covers, dividers, or separators

Used Packaging and Shipping Boxes

Hundreds of sizes and strengths available daily in truck load and LTL quantities.
Please call with you specifications.