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Buy used Gaylord’s and save up to 75%

NBE Inc. has been the #1 seller of Gaylord boxes for 20 years. We beat all other Gaylord box sites for pricing and service.  Call for a free quote at (866) 311-8794 

Gaylord Boxes

Looking to buy or sell Gaylord boxes then you have come to the right place! We have a huge selection of Gaylord boxes throughout the continental United States and parts of Canada. Buying and selling full and half trailer loads.

When you do business with National Box Exchange, you are dealing with a family owned company that has been buying and selling Gaylord boxes for over 20 years. With decades of experience we have built mutually beneficial relationships and reliable sources  for good quality boxes at the best nationwide prices. We have the right box for your needs at the best nationwide prices!

We buy and sell many different sizes, shapes, and strengths. Gaylord boxes come in double wall, triple wall, or five walls thick, depending on your weight capacity needs.

See our Gaylord Boxes for Sale page for a list of Gaylord’s near you.


National Box Exchange sells more than just boxes. Many of our clients need pallets to ship their Gaylord boxes and bulk bags. That’s why National Box Exchange stocks many different sizes and types of new, used, and refurbished pallets, nationwide. We can also make custom pallets depending on your size needs. Contact Us to see what is available in your city and state.

Bulk Bags

National Box Exchange stocks over 300,000 FIBC Bulk Bags / Super Sacks, nationwide. We have 11 different shipping warehouses throughout the United States which keeps freight and delivered bag costs down. We sell and stock 75 + sizes and styles. 

LTL and full trailer loads available. 1 pallet minimum orders.

FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, also known as Bulk Bags or Super Sacks, have become the perfect solution for companies with space and storage issues. These heavy-duty polypropylene bags take up much less space then a Gaylord box and they come in many different sizes, spouts, strengths, and custom options. Please fill out our Contact Us form and let us know how many you are looking for, what size bag you need, what kind of top and bottom you want, and how much weight you need them to hold. Please include your zip code for delivery, and we will send you a no obligation quote.

Used Cardboard Boxes

Huge wholesale supply of used shipping, moving, and packaging boxes. Many different sizes and strengths available. Call with your specific size and we will find you the best used or overrun box at a fraction of a new box price.

We buy and sell, so if you generate trailer loads of Gaylord’s, Bulk Bags, Pallets, or packaging boxes, please give us a call. Your company will make more money selling per box or per bag. We look forward to building a long lasting, mutual beneficial relationship with your company.