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If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us toll free at (866) 311-8794 or locally at (215) 283-9960.


Used Gaylord Boxes for Sale

Save up to 75% when you buy used!

Triple Wall Octagon Full Bottoms, 48x40x40 – Shipping from Georgia

Rectangles, 5 wall Full Bottoms, 42x36x42 – Shipping from Tennessee

Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon Resin Boxes, 48x45x40 – Evansville, IN

Full Bottom & Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon Boxes, 48x40x42 – Washington, PA

Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon Resin Boxes, 48x42x40, 5 Wall – Wichita, KS

Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon Resin Boxes, 5 Wall, 48x45x40 – Ohio

Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon Resin Boxes, 5 Wall, 48x42x40 – Detroit, MI

Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon Resin Boxes, 48x42x40, 5 Wall – Dallas, TX

Slip Sheet Bottom resin Boxes, 48x42x38-41, 5 Wall – Mississippi

Slip Sheet Bottom Octagon, 5 Wall, 48x42x40 – Frankfort and Louisville, KY

Rectangle Tobacco Boxes Boxes 43 x 27 x 28 – Shipping from NC, OH, or CT

Octagon Double Wall Produce Boxes 46 x 40 x 40 – Ohio and Georgia

Rectangle Double Walls 48 x 40 x 46 – Shipping from Wisconsin

Three Wall Octagon boxes 48 x 40 x 40 – Shipping from North Carolina

HPT 41’s – Top and Bottom Flaps – Shipping from WI, MD, OH, GA, and NJ

HPT 41’s – Top and Bottom Flaps, 5 Wall – Philadelphia, PA

Full Bottom, Octagon or Rectangle Resin boxes – Shipping from Ohio

Full Bottom, Rectangle 46x38x51 – Shipping from CA, MO, or IL (Limited)

Full Bottom, Rectangle 46x40x35 – Shipping from Arkansas

Full Bottom, Octagon Produce Boxes – Shipping from Ohio and Pennsylvania

Used or Refurbished Bulk Bags – Shipping from TN, SD, TX and PA

Slip Sheet Bottom Resin Boxes  – Shipping from California

Double and Triple Wall Produce Boxes – Ohio, South Carolina

Double Wall Produce Gaylord Boxes w/ vent holes – Ohio

Double Wall Rectangle 47x39x44 – California

Top and Bottom Flap Triple Wall – Tennessee

Slip Sheet Bottom Resin boxes – Tennessee

Double Wall Produce Boxes – California

HPT 41’s Top and Bottom Flaps – Oregon

New Gaylord Boxes for Sale

New 40x40x40 or 48x40x40 TW (AAC Flutes) – Need 2 to 3 week lead time for all new orders

New 40x40x40 DW Heavy Duty – (SC Flutes) 2,600 lb crush test

New 46x38x33 DW

Any size and strength can be made upon request. Call us for a free quote!

Packaging and Shipping Boxes

Used and overrun  packaging and shipping boxes. Buy used boxes, it’s better for the environment and less expensive for your company. Many of our boxes are like new. Hundreds of sizes,strengths, and styles available. Call us with your specifications and we will find you the right box at the at the most affordable price.

FIBC / Bulk Bags / Super Sacks

New, used, or refurbished available. Hundreds of different styles and sizes available. Call us with your specifications, Toll Free (866) 311-8794.


All used, overrun, misprint Gaylord boxes (Double wall or thicker) – Truck Load and LTL quantities

Slip Sheets, Pallet Sheets (Single, Double, and Triple Wall)

New, used, and refurbished Bulk Bags

All Industrial and Post Industrial Plastic Scrap

Let us know what you have to sell and we will pick it up with our freight brokers anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.